Thulam (Libra)
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2011 Predictions for Libra (Thulam - Tula)  Pretty Ordinary year ahead..:: Initial four months may not be good due to Guru. But even after may, Guru's favour may not be exceptional as Thulam is not Guru's favourite graha. Even rahu Ketu peyarchi 2011 may not be beneficial to Thula rasi. Shani peyarchi 2011 is also not in your favour. That means, in all the 3 transit takes place this year, only Guru peyarchi 2011 will be little bit beneficial to your rasi.



Yearly prediction: It is really difficult to give everything in details in yearly prediction. This year (2011) 3 transits are going to take place viz., Guru Peyarchi 2011 on 8.5.2011, Rahu Ketu Peyarchi 2011 on 16th May 2011 and Sani Peyarchi 2011 on 19th December. (Sani will give you a glimpse of its effect atleast  4-6 months before the actual peyarchi i.e,. effects start from June.)


Daywise Hindsight: Few rasi (zodiac) are looking bad and terrible in yearly prediction. It doesn't mean Year 2011 will have only problems. Sun, Moon, Shukra, Budha & Chevvai (Mangal-mars) are not considered in large during yearly predictions. DONT WORRY. With due consideration of all 9 planets, we will publish daywise prediction (weekly basis) to help you know everyday in advance. Also we give you tips and small parihara slokas to counter any problems. It will help you to pass 2011 with pleasant memories.


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For Employees: Pretty ordinary year. After april there will be some momentum in life but not as fast as you people of thulam are intersted. Not much to add for this year to you.

Family: Almost similar to the year prediction. Very lackluster year. To pass this year peacefully, pleae do not argue. Tread the relationship carefully with love. Avoid petty quarrels and do not argue or fight for small amounts.

Health: Neither good nor bad. The illness may last. No chances of recovery with planets help. But shani is always your friendly graha. So it may help you reduce and recover if the Dasa bhukthi is good. Also, with prayers, you can fight with planets negative responses. 

Marriage: Try hard to get marry before April. More chances of delivering baby baby. .

Finance: Very boring year. But, it slightly improves from April. If you pray shani during saturday, it may improve drastically after june 2011.

Business: Same as Finance. Shani and Gajalakshmi can help you more than anyone else in this world.

Woman: Chances are that you and kids may need to live as your husband may go to other place on account of transfer. Otherwise pretty ordinary year. But no qualms. Dedicate your major part of life this year for prayers and religious tours.

Student: Again pretty ordinary year for Students. Even bright students may score like ordinary students. With prayers to Guru, you can turn the tide to an extent. . Pray Guru and recite Guru Gayatri to succeed.

Unemployed: 50-50% chances, but dont loose heart. Light oil lamp to shani every saturday. Pray maha Sudarshana mantra on a daily basis. Visit Chakrathalwar temple as frequently as possible.

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