How to start and plan your new Year 2011?

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Keep the following in mind while starting the New Year 2011

1. Wake up early ( not only you but the entire family). While waking up from bed, recite the following slokas without fail.

              Sri Rama Jayam (3 times)

              Rama manthiram (7 times) Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama

              Hare Mantram (7 times) "Hare Hare Hare Hare Hare Hare Hare" (someone taught me in my childhood days that i need to tell this mantra every day while waking up from bed but before landing my leg on earth. Actually this is to request Bhooma Devi (Goddess of Earth) to pardon me for hurting her with our legs)

2. Assemble as a Family: Take bath and assemble as a family (entire family) for prayers.

3. Namaskaram to Parents: Before offering prayers to God, everyone should offer namaskar to their respective parents and elders and should seek blessings.

4. Prayers: Recite any slokas known to you. Think positively. Create positive vibration.

4. First Expense of the year- Noble cause: The first expense of the year should be for a noble cause. Decide the amount (in consultation with family prior to 1st Jan) and on 1st Jan, after the prayers, set aside the amount immediately for the cause. (either keep the cash separately or write the cheque immediately)

My Suggestion for this Year 2011: Sri Sathguru Thiagabrahma Aradhana Trust (regd) conducts an Annual Thiagaraja Aradhana festival  in congruence with the one at Thiruvaiyaru (on the same dates) with well known names in carnatic music year after year (from 1945 to till date). Most of the Legends of Karnatic music renders their part free of cost. Excellent south indian brahmin food is given free of cost to all visitors. (Food expenses alone cost Rs.2.50 lakhs for 3 days). They are building a temple for Sathguru Sri Thiagaraja (with Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman, Vinayaga and Sudarshan Chakram).

In Ramayana, like Squirrel done its small part in building Sethu Bridge by bringing sand after dipping in the water, it is an opportunity for all us to have our name written on a temple dedicated to divine music of Lord forever with some small offerings on 1st Jan. 2011. As our  money will be utilised for both building a temple and for providing food, its prefect way to start this New Year 2011

(please note: The size of the amount doesn't matter. As Mr. Thiagarajan, President of the Trust told me, " Rather than getting Rs.1.0 Lakh from a person, Sathguru Thiagaraja will be more please if 100000 people contributes Re.1 each")

80G exemption is also available. ( My personal view is: unless you spend money to avoid tax or spend money for a noble cause rather than paying for tax, we should not opt for 80G certificate)

Payment mode:

1. Cheque/Demand Draft can be drawn in favour of "SRI SATHGURU THIAGABRAHMA ARADHANA TRUST" and may be sent to the following address:

S. Thiagarajan, 2/5, Rengasri Apartments, New Seshadripuram, Srirangam, Trichy 620006. Tamilnadu. You can reach him for any clarifications: 0431-2437587, 9443648427.

2. Online transfer of funds to account name "SRI SATHGURU THIAGABRAHMA ARADHANA TRUST". 

Bank 1: Canara Bank a/c no: 2640101004770. Branch: Srirangam. IFSC Code:  CNRB0002640

          Bank 2: City Union Bank a/c no: 152706 Branch: Srirangam. IFSC Code:  CIUB0000115 

5. Spend only for your development: Wholeday, try spending for development like buying asset, investment, Education, Temple, Charity etc. .). Try to avoid expenses like repaying loan, salary to servants, petty expenses, regular medicines etc. (These routine expenses can be made either on 31st Dec itself or on 2nd Jan.). Please note: Emergencies and children needs are always exempted.

6. Before going to bed: Offer thanks to God. say "Sakalam Krishnarpanam".

Sleep well. Have a nice year.

Wishing you all the very best in all your endeavors

EnATi nOmu phalamO E dAna balamO (a line from Sathguru Thiagaraja Keerthan in Telugu)
Meaning: What penance and vows have brought me this blessing? To which generous alms given by me do I owe this fortune?


(Please note: I am no way related to Sathguru Thiagabrahma Aradhana Trust.)

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